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The Void

The Void

There Is a Hell. This Is Worse.


In the middle of a routine patrol, officer Daniel Carter happens upon a blood-soaked figure limping down a deserted stretch of road. He rushes the young man to a nearby rural hospital staffed by a skeleton crew, only to discover that patients and personnel are transforming into something inhuman. As the horror intensifies, Carter leads the other survivors on a hellish voyage into the subterranean depths of the hospital in a desperate bid to end the nightmare before it's too late.

  • Release Date : October 21, 2016

  • Production Country : Canada

  • Production Company : XYZ Films, 120dB Films, JoBro Productions & Film Finance, Cave Painting Pictures, The Salt Company

  • Runtime : 90 minutes

  • Stars : Aaron Poole, Kathleen Munroe, Art Hindle, Daniel Fathers, Kenneth Welsh, Ellen Wong, Stephanie Belding,